Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Cory Noonan Joins Aero Film

The Aero Film family would like to welcome their new Executive Producer, Cory Noonan, to the LA office. From his bio below, I think you'll see how he'll fit in juuuust fine. 

CORY NOONAN has had grey hair for a very very long time. Surprisingly, it was not induced by the stress of attending the notably- challenging Art Center College of Design, nor the many arduous years as a freelance Art Director for a multitude of agencies, nor was it when he switched hats to become a freelance Copywriter for a few more. Was the salt and pepper hair caused by the year of unfettered world travel where his once-limited mind was exposed to countless cultures and philosophies? Nay? Well, it certainly wasn’t because he left advertising not once, but twice, for the pursuit of a marketing position at a dot-com, and then (of all things holy) commercial f**king real estate. Or, his year living in Amsterdam? Perhaps it was instantly shocked grey when he returned back, like a prodigal son, to the production side of advertising, where he ascended to his highest-and-best-use as Executive Producer?


He just has terrible genes, as do his white-mopped parents, whom he loves despite their genetic curse.

When not discussing his hair, Cory can be found swearing at greasy vintage car parts, dispensing unsolicited fitness advice he does not himself follow, and making travel plans he has to cancel because of work. Thankfully, he loves his job, so it’s fine. Really.

Here is a picture of him looking satisfied, pensive, or casually judgmental. It’s really hard to tell. 

Cory can be reached at noonan@aerofilm.tv or in the office at 310-396-3636. Please don't confuse him with female EP Cori. And please don't call her female EP Cori. Or him male EP Cory. Oh boy... what have we done... 


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