Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Aéro Film's Family Grows!

Aéro has a great new addition to the family! (And he's a grown man so we save a ton on that whole schooling thing. HUZZAH!) Brad Grubaugh is now with us for West Coast sales (which also includes Texas, so Westish Coast and Panhandle States?) Brad will be working closely with West Coast EPs Lance O'Connor, Skip Short and Unique Hammond.

A veteran in sales for almost 15 years, Brad said "After meeting the team and directors at Aéro, it was a very easy decision to want to be a part of it. Very talented group of directors, complimented by a very well oiled production pipeline. They thrive on delivering for their clients, and for me in sales, that is the foundation for success." Lance added, "We're very excited to have Brad with us at Aéro. With his solid background in sales and go-getter attitude, he's a perfect addition to our family."

Brad Grubaugh

Also, Dawn Clarke, who has been working with Aéro in the midwest since 2010, now officially takes over Detroit. She commented, “Aéro is proud to have been a part of the Detroit advertising community for many years. And personally, having gone to school at Michigan, I’m happy to return and am looking forward to helping Aero grow in Detroit. We’ve been thrilled to collaborate on such outstanding advertising, and are excited to take on even more as Aero's roster and abilities continue to evolve." (Sorry Ohio State fans... You can still call the East Coast reps...)

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