Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Aéro Film's James Mangold Enlisted for Call of Duty

A client asked the other day, “Do you ring a giant bell when you’re awarded a job?” I laughed and played it cool. (I may have a train whistle… Unsubstantiated rumor…)  It’s always amazing to win (yes “win”) after you put so much work into a treatment and approach. When James Mangold was awarded the Call of Duty Ghosts Trailer, we didn’t ring a bell. We pretty much went apeshit for about 10 minutes. Which was all the spare time we had before we had to make some magic happen… and blow stuff up.

Epic Night Out

As Jim (you can call him Jim) explained to Variety , “As much as [the spot] was spectacle based it was character based… You want people to identify with these young men in this story in a way that they’re seeing themselves. They’re not seeing famous people, they’re seeing someone that looks like them in a hybrid where the game has become so actualized.” Activision and Jim wanted the spot to emphasize “the sense of being your own hero in your own film,” Jim explains. “Your Gregory Peck in ‘The Guns of Navarone.’”

The spot is choreographed to the Frank Sinatra song I’m Gonna Live Until I Die. It’s a little known fact that Jim is a big fan of musicals, and treated the spot as one. “There was a tremendous effort to create a tour de force action sequence set to something recorded by one of the great singers of all time,” Jim said. “It separates the spot instantly and gives it a swagger.”

There was one celebrity cameo with Megan Fox, as Ghosts has female characters for this first time in the COD franchise. Jim has a habit of directing women straight onto the Oscar stage (Angelina Jolie, Reese Witherspoon) so Megan, get your speech ready.

Megan Fox and the luckiest SAG Actor in the world. 

The crew was a collection of Aéro Film all-stars—line producer Mary Church has also produced for Austin Smithard, Jason Farrand and Sam O’Hare. Kramer Morgenthau, DP, has worked with Jim in the past in the TV show “Vegas” for CBS. (He’s nothing like Kramer from Seinfeld…) The edit was crafted by Jono Griffith, co-owner of Circus Edit NY/London (repped by Union Edit on the West Coast). You’ll recognize Jono’s work from the Grand Prix Lion winner Canal+ The Bear. The Mill LA crafted the VFX under the supervision of Oscar-nominated VFX supervisor, Phil Brennan. Phil and Jim worked together on The Wolverine. In typical Aéro family style, Jim called on resident snow expert Klaus Obermeyer to help out on the snow racing sequence.

The team from 72andSunny was hands down amazing, and the whole production was deeply influenced by Activision Publishing CEO, Eric Hirshberg who prior to his current role was CEO/CCO of Deutsch LA. To say there was an embarrassment of riches of creative minds on the set is an understatement. Egos were left at the stage door, and everyone just put their heads together to make something to be proud of. (Can I end that sentence with a preposition? “Of which to be proud” just sounds douchey… This is why I’m a producer and not a writer. Bygones.) Many thanks to everyone who worked on this group effort. Eric Rasco at 72andSunny deserves a metal of honor for pulling this off.  (Full credits below!) 

Jim and Jono, the new dynamic duo, are available for their next project, so give us a call anytime. It's time to go apeshit again. 

Full Credits here:

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