Monday, August 26, 2013

British Invasion: Dan Gifford

Aéro Film is chuffed as nuts to welcome three new directors to our roster. They each hail from England and do not find my (bad) English accent charming. But I’m wearing them down. (Probably not.)

First up is Dan GiffordDan is an expert storyteller drawing out great performances with a comedic twist-- from hidden camera, to epic cinematic tour de force, to intimate docu-style. 

Dan was born and raised in the wilds of Norfolk, England, where he received a classic English education. By the age of eighteen, however, he had tired of the cricket and daily beatings and decided to go off and see the world.

Dan, ready to take on the world. The WORLD!

He ended up living in Brazil, where he spent a happy year teaching English and staying with a Brazilian family in Londrina, Parana. Returning to England, Dan studied languages and literature at Corpus Christi College, Oxford University, graduating with a Masters Degree in German and Italian.

His first short film was called “Suspended”. It was financed half by a student loan and half by advertising legend Paul Arden and won first prize at the Stella Artois film awards in 2000. Not long afterwards Dan was directing his first TV commercial, for Saatchi and Saatchi.

Dan has built upon his experience since then, directing over 100 commercials for clients as diverse as Nikon, Adidas, Toyota, Playstation, the BBC, Nike, M&S, Heineken, Reebok, Expedia, Unicef and Virgin, to name but a few. In 2011 he collected two Silver Sharks at Kinsale (Heineken and Digicel) and the Grand Prix for Best Film at the Eurobest Awards (for Heineken ‘Legendary Making Of’) which also won a silver Lion at Cannes 2012.

Dan, having taken on the world, has come across cool hair products.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Snowy August

Ahhh August. The perfect time to shoot some snow. It’s perfect winter weather in the Southern hemisphere, but won’t be for much longer. So if you’re promoting snowy holiday times or winter Olympics extravaganzas, times a tickin’! September/October marks the black hole of “no snow anywhere except for really annoying places.” (Technical term.)

Our resident snow expert, Klaus Obermeyer, knows this all too well. He’s a native of Aspen, Colorado and grew up skiing and snowboarding from the time that he was knee high to a grasshopper. (At 6’8 I don’t believe he was ever that small… but suspend disbelief for the sake of my metaphors….) Klaus’s father, Klaus Sr, was the founder of Obermeyer ski wear and inventor of the parka, so the whole family has snow in their genes (and often in their jeans, too).

Klaus Sr and Klaus Jr

Klaus starting shooting film on the side of a mountain. Shooting his daredevil friends and working with filmmaker Robert Fulton (who’s remarkable and has his own amazing life story .) This isn’t tripod and dolly work—this is Klaus skiing down a mountain without poles, holding a film camera. Often backwards. Klaus has shot an Olympic skier on a slalom run. The skier looks amazing and the technique makes even a veteran skier think, “Amazing!” But then you think about the fact that Klaus was skiing right beside him, holding a film camera, going backwards… without poles, and thinking about framing. There’s no Olympic category for that.

Of course the Klaus Cam was also born out of necessity for shooting snow. Being able to shoot action close ups with out touching virgin snow was impossible—until the Klaus Cam with its ability hang a camera on a long line from a helicopter and get full 360 pan, tilt and roll that’s all gyrostabilized. (Imagine a technocrane, steadicam and a helicopter had a love child.)

See the best of the best here

Obermeyer Ski Wear


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