Friday, April 12, 2013

Going Local, Short film by Sam O'Hare

About a year and a half ago, Lance O’Connor got sent a link to an essay on the Huffington Post from his brother in NY with the note, “I know this guy! Pretty funny!” Lucky for Lance he actually listened to his little bro, and BOOM!!! A short film idea was born! 

The essays were written by Robert Schwartz, a native NYer and modern day Woody Allen-type. He detailed his foray in to the online dating world after his divorce.  Jumping into online dating in your 30’s after not dating for 10 years or so can be a bit wonky... and so the comedy ensues.

Lance called director Sam O’Hare and said something to the gist of , “SAMMY BOY!!!!!! YOU’RE GOING TO SHOOT A FILM!” Lance rarely speaks in anything less than all caps.

Sam-- who is known for his tilt-shift films and VFX prowess-- had been wanting to work in more narrative and performance driven work and this was perfect for him. We brought our Aero team of  go-to crew to help: Pergrin Jung to DP, Katie Irish for Costume Design, Albert Dobyns for Production Design. Luke Rocheleau 1st AC’ed and Steady Cam Op. Our NYU Intern Teresa Loera rose to the occasion and was the 1st AD. Brooke Dooley and I produced (and did about 87 odd jobs.) Mary Egan Callahan at House Casting found our amazing cast, and Robert (writer) found his “if a celeb was to play me” ideal in Adam Busch. Adam generously agreed to be part of our production and boy howdy, are we lucky he did.  Not only is he incredibly talented and suited this role perfectly, but he’s super cool and nice. Which on long shoot days, goes a long long way.

Adam Busch

8 long shoot days in Brooklyn and Manhattan, and nearly a year in post production, the short film Going Local was launched on Vimeo through a follow up article in the Huffington Post.  Clear 25 minutes in your schedule, and enjoy! (If you’re at work, this can be considered “research.” So go ahead.)

Sticking to his post/VFX roots, Sam and Aero Studios created all the graphics, color correction and conform. For everything else, we’re very lucky to have many many talented friends.

Big thanks to:

Clayton Hemmert at Crew Cuts (Editor extraordinaire!)
Joe O’Connell, Gerard Collins and Mat Guido at Blast NY (Sound Mixing/Sound Design)
Rob Niederprum and Hyberballad Music
Dave Hodge and Eva Miller at Finger Music
Jesse Holmes at Aero Studios NY  (Graphics and Clean-up)

Full credits are here!

Pergrin, Arjun Sheth and Adam shooting in tiny spaces.

Sam O'Hare, clearly, directing. Pergin ponders. Teresa clutches her shoot schedule.

Production tries to not take up too much space, or have thing stollen (RIP generator). 

The "real" Robert and Evin. 


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