Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Girl Epidemic

Aero Film director/photographer, Indranihad a very rare experience to go back to her native country of India and shoot a PSA for a cause very near to her heart—providing education for females in India. This doesn’t just mean that girls learn to read and write, this is a pathway to becoming a valued part of society, which can be the difference between life and death in India.

Sheetal Mehta, the director of Nanhi Kali, the organization behind the film stated, "The StrawberryFrog and Aero Film teams traveled to India earlier this year to shoot on location. Through the tenacity and passion of Indrani they were able to capture their extraordinary story on film. The Girl Epidemic must be seen and shared, there's never been anything like it."

And that’s saying something, as Nanhi Kali's past work with agency StrawberryFrog was extremely provocative as well. The award winning "A Girl Story" was the worlds first donation based online film series. It was followed up with  The Girl Store, an opportunity to bring e-commerce and creativity together in an innovative campaign and where you can buy a girl her life back-- through education and school supplies-- before someone else takes it. These campaigns have won Gold Lions in Cannes and recognized by the TED conference.

Indrani and production designer/producer GK Reid traveled to Mumbai India and shot for 7 days. With a shoestring budget, they proved that moxie and cultural understanding can go a long way. From sourcing the actors for free, to location scouting, their tiny production team made many miracles happen... Including shooting around the Mumbai slums and finding a 2 week old baby to feature in the crucial birthing scene. 

Indrani was the also the cinematographer of the film, shooting it all on the Canon 5D Mark II. It was the perfect camera for the hand held, documentary/news-reel-footage look they wanted to capture.

Sonejuhi Sinha from Final Cut NY cut this piece—the second project that she and Indrani have collaborated on.  Terressa “T” Tate was the sound mixer, with sound design and score by Human.  The Aero family was able to help out as well, with the color correct, conform and VFX work completed by Sam O’Hare and Jesse Holmes at Aero Studios in NY.

Stay tuned for a behind the scenes video that’s being cut as I type. Till then, please watch, share and donate if you can to this worthy cause. Learn more at....


Complete credits:

Client: Nanhi Kali
Production: Aero Film
Director/Cinematographer: Indrani
Production Designer/Costumes/Sets: GK Reid
EP: Sara Eolin
Lead VFX Artist: Sam O'Hare
VFX Artist: Jesse Holmes
Conform Asst: Hannelore Williams
Assistant Director: Yash Verma
2nd Camera: Ashish Virola
Casting:Yoshika Verma
Logistics: Adil Billimoria
Location: Anil Parmer
Production Assistant: Ashok Babaria
Production Assistant: Stacey Thiel
Production Assistant: Youngkyu Park
Special Thanks: Scheimpflug
Music and Sound Design: Human
EP: Kit Winter
Edit & Mix: Final Cut
Editor: Sonejuhi Sinha
Mix: T. Teressa Tate
Producer: Lauren Cancelosi
EP: Lauren Bleiweiss
President:Stephanie Apt
Chief Creative Officer: Kevin McKeon
ECD: Corinna Falusi
ACD: Justin Via
Interactive Producer: Wilder Wells
Design Director: David Orton
ACD/Designer: Mari Keeler
Developer: Mat Kur
Logo Design: Stephanie Krivitzky
Independent Agency Production Dept: Driver Media
EP: Becky Razzall
Managing Director: Linda Rafoss


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