Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Let's Catch Up...

2011?! Man, you’re crazy! Revolutions. Snowmagedons. Painfully nice weather on the West Coast that makes everyone here on the East Coast want to smack them when they say, “Gosh, it’s gorgeous here!” Is it? IS IT? Well, great. Good for you. (Apparently 2011 is also the year I get that chip on my shoulder!)  Bygones... 

It's award season, kids! Grab your meat dress and head down that Grammy Red Carpet... Or watch it from home where its easier to point and laugh. If you did just that, then you saw the debut of the Ford spot that Jason Farrand shot with the rap artist Nelly in his home town of St. Louis.  Yes, it was hot in there, but no, they didn’t feel the need to take off all their clothes. (That was my first question....)   The spot also features one of Jason’s go-to improv artists,  Sergio Cilli
who’s part of the LA Upright Citizen’s Brigade, and he also graduated from a brilliant school, Ithaca College. (WOOT WOOT!!! Yeah, guess where I went, too...) Enjoy the spot HERE.

We’re excited to have Gary McKendry back in the fray! He’s been in Australia shooting his first feature, The Killer Elite. He’s wrapping up post and will be back in the states ready to hit the ground running the end of March. Check out some behind the scenes photos— including Clive Owen with a formidable moustache. (Watch out, Tom Seleck.) 
As soon as the trailer is posted, we’ll let you know!

And finally, Tim Matheson has created a montage of all his TV and feature films.  In a nutshell, it’s a lot of action, and a lot of comedy. He’s been busy since Animal House and Black Sheep

Okay, I think my chip has filled in and I have a complete shoulder again! Huzzah! Happy February, everyone!


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