Thursday, June 17, 2010

Premiere Party for "Double Exposure"!

WOOO!  Let's hear it for a great party!  
And let's hear it for not being late to work!  (...Phew...)

Last night, the fashion elite of New York gathered at the Angel Orensanz Foundation to celebrate Markus Klinko & Indrani's new show on Bravo, Double Exposure and their ICONS photography exhibit.  

Simply put: the venue was amazing.  
AOF is a converted church and the architecture was the perfect backdrop 
to Markus & Indrani's ICONS exhibit.  



Center stage featured Lady Gaga, flanked by Jennifer Lopez,
Dita Von Teese, Beyonce and David Bowie.

Kanye West
(On his best behavior at an event to date...)

This is the album cover to Mary J Blige's,
"The Breakthrough"

Also in attendance was Lady Gaga's famous Hello Kitty dress
that was designed by stylist GK Reid who also stars on Double Exposure:

While we were standing next to it saying: 
"How are those guys stuck on there? Glue?  Staple gun, perhaps?"
a bunch of drunk girls (WHO WERE NOT US) toppled the plastic homage to Gaga.
Hopefully, no Kitties were hurt.

Aero is proud to represent Markus & Indrani as directors.
Please check out their bios and complete ICONS portfolio online.
You will not be sorry!

And for red carpet coverage of Markus & Indrani plus other Bravo celebs (including Real Housewives, as opposed to the fake ones) please check out WireImage and BroadwayWorld.

Watch Double Exposure Tuesdays at 10pm on Bravo!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Markus & Indrani star on "Double Exposure"!

Aero directing team of Markus Klinko & Indrani make their prime time premiere tonight at 10pm as the subject matter of Bravo's latest docu-series, Double Exposure. Their celeb clients include Kate Winslet, Dita Von Teese, Britany Spears, Beyonce, Kanye West and Lady Gaga (to name JUST a very brief few).

Meet Markus Klinko:

Here's one thing I would never guess about Markus: Before he became a top celebrity photographer, he was one of the world's top classical harpists. (Is there anything he can't do??) He has played concerts around the globe and won the “Grand Prix du Disque” for his recording with the Paris Opera Bastille Orchestra in 1994. After teaming up with his partner, Indrani, Isabella Blow gave them their big break: A fashion cover for the London Sunday Times. Taking iconic images has been his MO ever since.

Meet Indrani:

Indrani was born in Calcutta and became a fashion model at 14. She traveled the world for her work and that's how she met Markus. They two teamed up and in the “meantime,” Indrani went to Princeton and earned a BA in Anthropology and then mastered digital and post production in New York and and Paris. Indrani also is co-founder and fundraiser for SEEschool, the non-profit Shakti Empowerment Education which provides free education for over 300 women and children in India.

Fun fact: Markus and Indrani dated for 8 years. Now, they are just business partners. Ergo, the bickering. A lot of bickering. And Bravo was smart enough to say, “Hey, now THAT'S a show!”

Another key player in Double Exposure is their stylist, GK Reid:

He's considered to be one of the most cutting-edge stylists out there who has taken many celebrities images to the next level. He is world-renowned and most importantly, he talks back to Markus.

Check out Bravo's site for all the sneek peek videos, bios and photos from the series Double Exposure! You can also follow Markus on Twitter, as well as Indrani. And do NOT miss their photography portfolio. “Stunning” is a gross understatement.

Make sure to watch tonight at 10pm on Bravo!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Klaus & Oceana: A Love Story

It's a gross understatement to say that Aero director, Klaus Obermeyer, has always been a nature lover. Klaus grew up in Aspen, Colorado, where skiing and snowboarding were considered a way of life.  (I wasn't this lucky.  I grew up in Pennsylvania where not running over Amish buggies was considered the state pastime. But I digress...)  When Klaus started directing he moved to Malibu, California, and like a true character in an 80's film, he learned to surf, kite surf, wind surf, dive, etc.  It was then that Klaus fell in love with the ocean and all its natural inhabitants.  (Emphasis on "natural."  Ahem...)

Klaus wanted to combine directing with his love for the ocean.  He can now free dive for 2 minutes, which means diving without air tanks.  WITHOUT.  AIR.  TANKS.  (I get heart palpitations just typing those words!)  By holding his breath for 2 minutes at a time and not having air tanks on his back to create bubbles and noise, he's able to swim up right next to the creatures he's shooting without scaring them and therefore, his footage is quite amazing, unlike what a normal diving film crew would end up shooting.

It was a natural step for Klaus to get involved with Oceana. He has shot his first PSA for them all around the world in Tahiti, CA, Mexico, and the Caribbean.  He works for Oceana in tandem with Pete Zuccarini who is another underwater Director of Photography specialist. 

His newest venture with Oceana is a PSA campaign with Adrian Grenier from HBO's show, Entourage,who is also GQ's Gentlemen's Fund Ambassador for Oceana.  The PSA promotes awareness regarding the problem of over-fishing blue fin tuna, which you can watch here.  

This PSA was shot in Mexico and make sure to check out the behind the scenes footage shot by GQ and Nautica and the article in GQ itself!  And last, but definitely not least, World Oceans Day was this past Tuesday, June 8th, and La Mer also used Klaus’s footage for their own web video promoting the event.

Phew!  Klaus is a busy boy.  I hope you take the time to watch his work as it's truly his passion and not just his job.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Meet director, Nelson McCormick!

You have probably seen Nelson McCormick’s name  on your TV screen a million times, but unfortunately, when the credits are rolling is usually a cue to go to the bathroom or grab the bag of Doritos. (Nacho… never Cool Ranch…. Sorry TMI.) 

Nelson is one of Aero’s specialty directors who works mainly in television action/drama, but loves to work in the :30 sec world or long format webisodes in TV’s off-season… which is right now! 

He’s directed 24, South Land, The Good Wife,  CSI, Nip/Tuck, NYPD Blue, ER, West Wing… And I could keep going for another 2 pages, but the nice people at IMDB have done that for me! 

ABC has picked up his new show Body of Proof for their fall line up. See the new trailer here!

I’d describe it as the Dr. House of dead people. (I should have worked for TV Guide.) Dana Delaney stars, and may I say she’s a GREAT actress and one who actually let herself age gracefully and beautifully without getting her whole head tucked. Way to go!  

Nelson is available thru the summer and can bring a bevy of talent (both his and the people that surround him, as well his phenomenal casting clout) to your project… And he’s an incredibly nice guy who just happens to shoot explosions, comedy, drama and dead people really well.   

Friday, June 4, 2010

Aero Film Wins a Telly!

Aero Film is very proud of their diverse roster. Besides our heavy-lifting commercial directors, we have a premiere group of specialty directors that work in documentaries, visual effects, television, etc., but do commercials with us as well. It keeps them out of trouble and makes us very happy, so it’s a win-win.  

First up! Michael Hartog. Michael has been the go-to VFX supervisor for Aero directors for years. Last November, a project for Fidelity through Boston based ad agency Arnold came across our desk. It was perfect for Michael’s directorial debut.  Pairing up with Radium in Santa Monica, Michael helmed the team for “Around the World.” He created a CG world out of paper (well, digital paper) depicting all the major business trading hubs around the world.  The spot has just garnered a Silver Telly Award, so many accolades to Michael and the Radium Crew! Click and check out the spot here.

Come back next week for more on our Special Director’s Series with TV director Nelson McCormick and fashion-photographers turned Bravo Reality stars Markus Klinko and Indrani! Also, watch for James Mangold’s latest film Knight and Day in theatres June 25th

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Chief to Record Veterans Trek Across the US

Aero’s very own Austin Smithard “Chief” is currently embarking on a most terrific journey.  A fantastic venture called the World Team Sports take veterans who are wounded and place them in sports teams across the world to show that they too can still compete and partake in sports everywhere.

This big media event, the Sea to Shining Sea Ride, started May 21st.  20 wounded veterans will be riding bikes from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Atlantic Ocean in Virginia, over 3900 miles, to shake hands and speak with people from middle America.   Covering sometimes over 100 miles a day these men will be utilizing every bicycle possible from the basic 2 wheeler to hand cranked and others that are custom fitted for their needs and abilities.  The people partaking in this journey have been through helicopter crashes, bombs, and other horrendous experiences that have brought them to this place now.  These K9 dog handlers and infantrymen are the bravest people of our nation that represent the very idea that our flag stands for. 

“We together make a lot of commercials and recruitment films for the Navy. So we’ve decided to make a documentary about their story and message and follow them to capture what they encounter.  These people need to be remembered and honored for the heroes and survivors they are,” says Chief.

With GE and State Farm sponsoring the ride for 2 months, Aero is prepared to record all sides of the story.  Though a fairly inspirational tale, the riders will encounter tough times especially on Highway 50, one of the most dangerous roads in the country.  Even then will have the support of 12-15 people cheering them on including members from the Presidential Flight Quadrant.  As a very special end the race will finish on the Indianapolis speedway on the 4th of July where an entire town will greet them.  At the end, thousands of others will join to see them through to the finish line. Aero will be keeping an updated blog with footage and progress via Chief as well as the links below on State Farm’s website.  


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